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  Paul Wadden - Veneer Manager

Paul joined the Seagull team back in 1991, beginning his career working on the shop floor. As time passed, Paul quickly worked his way up the Seagull hierarchy, transitioning to on-site installations, and eventually becoming Shop Foreman. In 1995, Paul became head of the veneer department where to this day he continues to manage operations.

With over 15 years of experience, Paul overlooks all aspects of the veneer department, from purchasing and sales to veneer grading and customer relations.  In keeping with Seagull's dedication to quality & service, Paul has fostered strong partnerships with clients, and continues to provide effective solutions.  Over the years, Paul has sought to continually expand his knowledge of the architectural woodwork industry. And in the hopes of giving back to the community, he has taken on an educational role, presenting veneer seminars for both AWMAC-BC and AIBC. On top of his duties at Seagull, Paul is a consultant to various industry professionals and Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS).

Prior to his position at Seagull Enterprises, Paul worked event productions as a stage and lighting technician.

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