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Jim Taylor, President & Owner -  Seagull Enterprises Ltd.


In 1978 Jim founded Seagull Enterprises Ltd. as a one-man shop with a can do attitude. Since then, every day has brought a new challenge, and on a few days, the challenge has won.
Back in the early 1970’s, Jim had enough of the wilderness working as a miner and technologist in northern Canada. Wanting an adventure, he set sail from England on a twenty-six foot boat. Two years later, he ended up in British Columbia in search of a new and exciting career. The construction industry beckoned, but he sought more than just another job. So Jim heeded the call from Greenpeace, and joined numerous expeditions, and eventually became a Director at Greenpeace.

Over three decades later, and still committed to the architectural millwork industry, Jim continues to be held captive by the complexities of the industry. Everyday he learns something new, and to this day has learned far more than he ever imagined was possible.


Currently, Jim is a Director of AWMAC BC Chapter and serves on behalf of AWMAC National as a committee member for both the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) and Sustainable Architectural Woodwork (SAW), as well as Chair of AWMAC’s Guarantee and Inspection Service (GIS). During the past two decades, Jim has continually served as Director and/or President of AWMAC National and the local chapter AWMAC BC.


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