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Right from our humble beginnings, Seagull has had the pleasure of working with many community driven foundations and projects. We are committed to helping and improving our community in any way we can, placing the utmost value in our relationships throughout the woodworking industry and our local community.

Seagull actively participates and supports several trade apprenticeship programs and universities. Seagull offers work experience for university and high school students and is recognized by the ITA to provide work hours that count towards an apprentice’s Red Seal Certificate.

As proud members of Sustainable Architectural Woodwork (SAW), we are committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly woodworking. Ensuring that only the best practices and procedures are put into practice, here at Seagull Enterprises we are doing our part in safeguarding the environment.

Seagull has been an exemplary force in our trade through our active participation with Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC). Our president, Jim Taylor, sits on an influential committee of nine representatives that set standards for the architectural woodwork

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